Self Portrait

With this project, I took several photos of myself over the course of several days, and edited them in photoshop. I utilized various techniques, including spot coloring, action sequencing, photoshop filters and blending modes. It was indeed challenging to take all these pictures by myself, but I love the end result! Some of these photos represent me in public, while others show how I am in private. It’s a little insight into my life and my thoughts.

I used a lot of pictures that I took at the beach, because I think the beach is a good representation of my free spirited thinking and open mind. I love freedom and I love nature, and I think all of these pictures represent just that. I’m an artistic person, but don’t really get the chance to express myself as much as I would like. The way I shot this project really let me show that side of me.

When editing for this project, I was a little confused about how to go about using the blending modes in the program. But, after using them for a while, I got the hang of it and here’s a link to a full guide to the Photoshop Blend Modes/

\Self Portrait Final

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